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    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    I'm now a Micro$oft basher!

    Yes, that's supposed to be a tombstone
    I'm not one of those Microsoft bashers, and I'm generally happy with my Vista, Outlook, Windows Mobile setup. Part of the reason why I've been happy with it is because of a splendid initiative called xda-developers. In short, xda-developers is a forum where bright minds spend their creative energy on optimizing Windows Mobile for HTC in its different versions. In particular, HTC has not provided updates from Windows Mobile 6.0 to Windows Mobile 6.1 for many of its devices, and xda-developers have proudly and aptly taken on the challenge of helping out those stuck with older versions. What this entails for many of us is that these devices work as they should. In my case, it meant that I've thrusted myself into the hands of Micrsoft after years of using Open Source alternatives.

    And how do Microsoft respond? By threatening with legal action unless all unofficial versions are removed, citing copyright issues. Sure, there are copyright issues and their legal basis is probably solid. But where is the pragmatism? Where is the bright mind that stops and thinks for a moment, realizing that the creative energy of all these unpaid individuals actually work to Microsoft's advantage? There is no loss of revenue whatsoever because those who use these modified Windows Mobile version, a small group given that it requires some tech savvy, have already paid our licensing fees through purchasing the phone itself. Furthermore,Windows Mobile updates cannot be bought in any way -- it's all up to the developers' whether they decide to provide updates or not, which in HTC's case only happened with very few models.

    I'm outraged at Microsoft right now and will abandon everything that smells of Microsoft. No, I haven't been a Microsoft basher before but I am becoming one -- a completely blind one who will bash all things M$. Now excuse me while I go get a Symbian, Android or Apple phone, re-install Ubuntu, uninstall live messenger, export calendar, email and contacts from Outlook to Google -- and wait for the next opportunity to bash Microsoft some more.

    PS! There's a petition against Microsoft's stupidity here.